Reaching a New Generation of Disciples


For me FFM has made an enormous change in my life, FFM/Chris gave me an opportunity to grow as a man in my house, in my life and to grow and get a better understanding of God.  It helped me to understand the foundation of what I was feeling inside.  The time with the group helped me to develop and provided me with the meat (wisdom) and to be able to take that and grow further in my walk with Christ.  I went on my first mission trip with FFM and since have been able to share the wisdom that was given to me.  The wisdom and knowledge I have received from being in the group can never be replaced.  But what made just as large an impact on my life was that Chris not only taught FFM as it was given to him.  But lived it out very transparently.  He is not only a mentor and one of my best friends.  He is a prime example of FFM.  If we approach the world with gloves on, we achieve nothing.  But when you take them off and share the gift God has given you and don't mind the dirt you my step into - You have a man who has been through FFM.  My life, my house, my wife and children have been impacted by FFM. 

Kenny Hallman

FFM is the one piece that ALL men’s ministries are missing.  I travel and speak at men’s conferences all over the country, and this disciple material is the information that these men need to be able to make a difference post conference.

This curriculum has encouraged me to start a real discipleship ministry at my new church and I believe that through the study of this material and the Scriptures that God is calling me, and others, to start a ministry to men here in the state of Georgia focusing only on discipling.  I am planning on using the discipleship curriculum offered by FFM and Scripture as the blueprint.

 Neal Pridgen, MDiv. Logos Bible Soft Ware, Ministry Development

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I have been thinking about and praying for you and your family… I miss seeing you and wanted to let you know that your ministry has had an impact on many, specifically my own life and walk. As you know in James 5:16 the word says  Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much”. As you may know there is not another man on earth that has taken as much personal time to pour into my life as a believer as you have. It is evident that you take the charge of making disciples seriously as it should be. I have been praying since 2007 that God would show me where I should be serving in the local church and as a result God called me to the deacon body in 2009. I believe this to be partly due to your close walk with the Lord and praying for me specifically. Your involvement in my life and the life of other men with Fish for Men has had a kingdom impact and I am a blessed man as a result. May God continue the miracle of his work in both of our lives and surround you and fill you with the Holy Spirit so that you can continue your work in men’s lives around the world. Call me when you get a chance and let me know how you are doing.

John Newman

I believe the Lord has used FFM to show me what it looks like to really follow Christ. Before FFM I didn't know what it was like to completely yield my will to Christ. It was through the example of the instructor that I saw a completely yielded life. This encouraged me to put down some things I had been holding on to. It offered accountability for me, something I had searched years for in our mega church, but was unable to find it. I found it in FFM. I now am discipling my 2nd group with FFM and believe that disciples of Jesus Christ are truly being made as God uses me as an example. I believe if there was one way we could change the course of our churches that are declining or shutting their doors, it would be through genuine discipleship. This is what FFM offers. I feel I have truly been blessed by God for leading me to FFM...

Marc Schantz

Growing up around Christianity as a lost person, Christian male role models would have made a tremendous difference in my life.  Not long after coming to know Jesus as my personal Lord and savior my wife and I began praying for God to bring Christian influences into our lives.  It wasn't long after that that I met Chris Gilliam and was introduced to FFM.  FFM was truly an answer to my prayer.  I learned from FFM that all men lead but some men lead straight to hell.  FFM has given me the confidence to spiritually lead my family and to begin teaching a Sunday school class so that I can pass on what I have learned.  The relationships that I have formed as a direct result of FFM have been and continue to be a tremendous blessing in my life. To God be the Glory for this ministry.

Brian St.Jacques 

I received the FFM books and leader guide Friday and we started our new group. We have 4 new guys that have committed to a year including my brother Scott. You can imagine how excited I am to get him involved in a weekly study group. John, Vic,and I will be sharing teaching duties between us and I pray that the new guys will be impacted spiritually as much as we have ourselves. Many times over the last year we have discussed how the FFM bible study was the catalysts that started this incredible journey that has been going for more than 2 years now. I thank you for your leadership and commitment to men through this ministry.

Gary Hicks

It is with deep appreciation that I send a note of gratitude for the guidance through our FishForMen study.  I want to thank you for allowing me the freedom to voice my thoughts without condemnation.  This helped me to ask the questions I might not otherwise have asked.  This study has given me an even deeper desire to search and know the truths of GODS word.  This study has given me the tools to dig into the scriptures rather than just scratch the surface.  Your prompting questions rather than giving me the answers helped me to depend on GODS word. This study has also given several of us a desire and confidence to start and lead two other FFM group studies thus fulfilling Matthew 28:19.

Vic Summey

The time I spent with Chris going through FFM discipleship has been beneficial to me in several ways. I have gained a better understanding of the Bible and how to study it, a better understanding of my faith, and how to better grow as a Christian. I feel more prepared to share the gospel with others. The other men and I also developed a strong friendship through our training together.

Eric Nicholson

I wanted FFM before I know it existed.  I had begun to read the Bible in-depth and in many cases felt like the Ethiopian eunuch.  Enter FFM.  Structure and discipline were brought to my understanding of scripture as I was challenged to consider biblical theme over which I had previously 'glossed over'.  Maybe more important was the relationships forged over time while wrestling with matters of eternal importance - Christ and His work. Results?  I lead my family in nightly bible study/ discussions.  I had the privilege of leading one man for a year through the process.  I have a long way to go but God has used FishForMen mightily in my sanctification process as well as my sanctifying example to my family and friends. I am glad that God is using FFM in my life!

Eric J. Stallings, Compliance Specialist, The Home Depot (Atlanta Corporate)

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